SFSA runs group instructional classes every Sunday at the Rennie Outdoor Ice Skating Rink in the west end of Toronto from 10:00am to 1:00pm throughout the winter season. Each of the four 45 minute classes has three lessons of different levels on the ice running concurrently. The total number of participants in the program each year is 80.

These classes are community oriented, and no-one is excluded based on their level. We feel that within a group atmosphere participants can work on their skills under professional guidance in a friendly, non-competitive environment. Skaters can work at their own pace, and when they have reached a certain level of ability, they will be awarded a level of achievement by the instructor.

SFSA is unique in that it runs its program on an artificial outdoor pad. Although there are obvious benefits to being indoors, there is nothing quite like a skate in the brisk outdoor air of a Canadian winter. If anyone does become cold they can join friends over in the heated clubhouse by the rink.

Non-exclusive volunteer programs are an important fabric of any community. Our area near High Park in Toronto is blessed with many varied activities for children and adults, and we are proud to be a part of this total community effort. We are also pleased that the community provides us with such great support year after year.