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All caught up!

All confirmations for registrations have been sent. If you have registered but have not received a confirmation, please check your spam box for emails from ‘’. I suspect there may be several people who are in this situation.

If you received your registration confirmation and made your payment, you should have also received a final email to acknowledge your payment.

Finally, if you haven’t registered yet, there are still some spots for all time slots.


Working through the registrations

A quick update on the progress of the registrations. If you registered prior to Oct. 27, you have likely already received your confirmation. Once you have submitted your payment, your spot is reserved. I am still going through the payments received and will email you this week.

If you have registered on or after October 27, look for a confirmation email this week which will let you know if you have secured your first or second choice class times.



Confirmation emails going out shortly

Thank you to everyone who have registered. It’s fantastic to see that the interest in this community program is still strong!

Confirmation emails will be going out starting today. Please respond to them as soon as possible so we can allocate the spaces in the time slots accordingly.

I noticed one discrepancy between an earlier post and the registration page with regards to the start and end of the 12 weeks of lessons. The correct start date is Nov. 27 to Feb. 26.