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SWANSEA Figure Skating Association is in need of VOLUNTEER!! 

In order to run our program, we need a volunteer or two!    

Jobs needing volunteers are listed below:  

  • Registration and Banking        
  • Updating the website  

 Job Details  


This volunteer job is mostly front forward, we need someone to manage the registration process for the start-up of the season, managing payments & and the number of registered spots per hour (20 spots per hour) & keep track of a wait list if needed. 

** Description of jobs are subject to change** 


This volunteer will help with the registration process managing payments to each participant that would like to be registered.  

Also, to by-weekly pay coaches for the coaching.  

Please let us know if you’re interested in volunteering, our program won’t be able to run without your help!!  

As a THANK-YOU the person that Volunteers for the REGISTRATION & BANKING position will have their CHILD (1) FEES WAVED for the 2023/2024 session!!!